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IB900- Intel Xeon PCI-X Full Size CPU Card
with Dual Gigabit LAN

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CPU Socket
mPGA604 ZIF socket
Intel Xeon Processor, 1.8GHz~2.8GHz+
Supports Hyper-Threading technology*
Intel E7500 or E7501 chipset
- E7500/E7501 Memory Controller Hub (MCH)
- 82801CA Integrated Controller Hub (ICH3-S)
- 82870P2 64-bit PCI/PCI-X Controller (P64H2)
Bus Frequency
System Bus: 400MHz (E7500 chipset) System Bus: 533Mhz (E7501 chipset) Hub Link 2.0 (1GB/s
PCI-X (on board): 64-bit/133MHz
PCI : 32-bit/33MHz or 64-bit/66MHz
ISA : 16-bit/8MHz
L2 Cache
512K, CPU integrated
Award BIOS, 4M FWH
System Memory
Two 184-pin DDR memory slots
Up to 4GB memory capacity
PC200 (E7500) / PC266 (E7501) support
One 144-bit wide DDR memory port
Supports x72 ECC registered DIMMs
ATI M6 VGA controller
8MB embedded VGA memory
Supports CRT, LVDS (24-bit) interface
Intel 82546EB Dual Port Gigabit Ethernet Controller PCI-X 1.0a compliant bus supports 133 MHz.


  • Supports Intel Xeon Processors
  • Supports Intel E7500/E7501 chipset
  • Hyper-Threading technology
  • NetBurst microarchitechture
  • Two 184-pin DDR sockets
    for up to 4GB memory
  • ATI M6 VGA controller, 8MB embedded memory
  • Dual Intel 82546EB Gigabit Ethernet controller
  • Watchdog timer, ISA High Drive
Winbond 83627HF supports parallel port, COM1 (RS232), COM2 (RS232/422/485) serial ports, FDD controller, hardware monitoring
IDE Interface
Chipset built-in; two enhanced IDE supports 4 IDE devices including UDMA33/66/100, PIO mode 4 and bus master
FDD Interface
Supports up to two floppy disk drives: 3.5" and/or 5.25" drives; 3 Mode support
Parallel Port
One parallel port supports SPP/EPP/ECP modes
Serial Ports
One RS-232/422/485 and one RS-232 port
Watchdog Timer
Generates system reset; 256 levels
Four USB ports
USB 1.1 compliant
Keyboard and Mouse Connector
PS/2 type connectors
ISA High Drive
Winbond W83628, W83629 PCI to ISA Bridge Chip
Power Connector

ATX 12V power connector
Form Factor

Full Size CPU Card
338mm x 122mm (13.3"x 4.8")
Operating Temperature 0°C~60°C (32°F~140°F) Storage Temperature -20°C~80°C (-4°F~176°F) Relative Humidity 10%~90% (non-condensing)
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IB900 - Intel Xeon Full Size CPU Card with Dual Gigabit LAN * Hyper-Threading Technology improves processor performance for multi-threaded applications or multi-tasking environments by supporting multiple software threads.
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